A Woman On A Mission CANNOT Be Stopped! My Mantra…


who are you ACTUALLY?



Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Becoming a full-time working mom cracked my walls wide open. I experienced postpartum anxiety so extreme that I faced serious physical symptoms from numbness to dizziness to feeling like my nervous system was completely shutting down and I mentally began planning my own funeral.

I knew I couldn’t continue like that, so I threw myself into a distraction from my anxiety symptoms and used my design skills to open an Etsy shop. My shop did well – I remember telling my mom that I had made $1000 in a single month and I felt brave enough to take on a few web design and social media clients… Consistently taking the next brave and logical step lead me to the desire to become an expert in paid advertising and sales funnels – ultimately mastering all things digital marketing.

After about two years of side-hustling and obsessively calculating what income I’d need to replace my designer salary, I happily walked away from my job.

Now, my story isn’t one of those where I opened the doors to my business and hit a million dollars in the first year of business – because that’s not what happened…. Not even close. It took me a long time to build trust in myself and believe that it* was even possible. (*It being a life of financial and time freedom.)

In fact, I failed MISERABLY! I was too caught up in what others would think. What if I failed? What if I’m not cut out to do this long term?  The “What If’s” were driving me further and further away from what I knew God had called be to do. I had to readjust my crown and remember WHO I was, and WHO I belonged to. If God’s for you, NO ONE can be against you. Oh they may try, but they enemy never wins! 

It took me six years to finally listen to the voice in my head that told me I was ready to be more and do more – I stopped fighting my desire to teach and share my story and surrendered fully to using my voice and owning the power I’d had all along.

I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of amazing, inspired entrepreneurs (like you!) do the same – no matter their story nor upon which step of the journey we’ve met.

It IS all possible. Our generation has been given an amazing opportunity in entrepreneurship that’s never before been available. We live in a reality where the number of lives we impact can be directly reflected by the dollars in our bank accounts – and I can show you how to do, be and have everything you’ve ever dreamt to be possible for your life.